Joseph Soul

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British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society Convention of 1840 Group portrait by Benjamin Robert Haydon (1786 - 1846), which includes Joseph Soul, on display in the Regency Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, London,

National Register of Archives correspondence of Joseph Soul.

St John's College Library, Cambridge, papers of Thomas Clarkson, including summaries of letters from Joseph Soul (see documents 82 - 144)

Washington H. Soul Pattinson & Co. Ltd. Chemists, New South Wales, trading as Soul Pattinson; formed in 1903 by the merger of Washington H. Soul & Co., founded in 1863 by Caleb Soul and his son Washington Handley Soul, with Pattinson & Co.

Portrait by George Patten of William Hone., National Portrait Gallery, London.

The William Hone Biotext, A Web Project by Kyle Grimes, University of Alabama at Birmingham, on the life and career of William Hone.

State Library of Tasmania photograph of, and print of house of, Joseph Hone.

Biographisch-Bibliographischen Kirchenlexikons; biography of Carl Hugo Hahn 1818-1895; biography of Elieser Traugott Hahn; biography of Gotthilft Traugott Hahn; biography of Carl Hugo Hahn 1886-1957.

Eeeti Evangeelne Luterlik Kirik, photograph and biographical notes of Elieser Traugott Hahn; photograph and biographical notes of Gotthilft Traugott Hahn; biographical notes of Woldemar Paul Sielmann.

Encyclopedia Titanica which refers to Alice Frances Christy (nee Jones), Amy Frances Jacobsohn, Sidney Samuel Jacobsohn, and Julie Rachel Cohen (referred to as Christy), passengers on the Titanic.

The Sole Society, Society  promoting research into the genealogy and history of families carrying  the surnames SOLE, SAUL, SEWELL, and SOLL(E)Y, and any spelling variations of these names (including SOUL).

A Physicist Writes of Peter Soul

Africablog of David Blair

 3 March 2007